Life cycle assessment scientists urge EU policy makers to treat some packaging environmental impact assessments with caution

58 Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) researchers from all over Europe have written an open letter to express their concerns about industry-funded studies which are being used to influence the Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation (PPWR):

“We are particularly worried about the lack of the use of a clear, transparent, and scientific methodology in these studies where the environmental impacts of single-use and reusable packaging options are assessed. We stress the importance of transparency of scope and data, as well as of evaluating the choices and influence of selected parameters for the weight of reusable products, their washing logistics and their transport. We emphasise that studies which compare single-use options with static one reuse scenario are misleading. Instead, impact assessments should assess break-even points (i.e. where single-use and reusable packaging systems are considered to have the same impact). As the negotiation on reuse targets and bans on single use in the PPWR continue, we would like to strongly advise that decisions be based on truly independent, transparent research which respects the recommendations set out in our letter.”

The open letter is available here.

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