Denet Soler

Graduated in 2011 in Engineering in Nuclear and Energy Technologies (INSTEC- Cuba) and in 2017 as Magister in Energy Development from the University of Antofagasta (Chile). She worked for 5 years in the field of technological innovation and science-based business development. His main interest focuses on solar technology research, therefore, in 2020 he joined the PhD Program in Solar Energy at the Universidad de Antofagasta.

The doctorate research consists on the development of methodologies based on LCA to ecodesign processes and components oriented to optimize the performance and environmental impact of solar photovoltaic utility scale plants installed in high radiation desert conditions. The main objectives are to characterize and map the stages and processes related to the installation phase taking into account mono and bifacial typologies and finally, to model the environmental impact of the installation stage taking into account different scenarios.